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Types of Aerial Photography
Vertical Geo Mapping & Stitching
Mapping: using the latest Spatial Scientific Flight Management System, which permits us to fly precise flight paths, at precise altitudes via GPS coordinates.  
Therefore, we are able to shoot vertical images, and stitch them together to create mosaic maps of entire quadrants. We are able to provide ground
resolutions from (1 to 36) inches per pixel. Each image has latitude/longitude coordinates embedded in the image along with other important reference
information and metadata. We can stitch hundreds of images together either in a line or as a mosaic/composite image..
Oblique Aerial Photography
Oblique photography: refers to images taken from the side of the aircraft at an angle to the subject rather than directly overhead. Oblique images can be
taken close-up or zoomed-out to encompass a few miles of surrounding property, or to the horizon/skyline. Developers often use oblique images to show
surrounding communities, infrastructure and population.
Vertical Aerial Photography
Vertical Photography:  refers to views taken from directly above the subject. These overhead views are used by attorneys, engineers, and people who
work in real estate who need to see roof tops and road structures. These views are not meant to give a sense of height of structures as oblique views do.
But rather, they allow you see in all directions around a site to view neighboring properties and to assess the shape and layout of a property.
Near Infrared FOUR-BAND IMAGING: Used for agricultural Studies by adding Near Infrared (NIR) data to the standard RGB data format.
Dwyer Aerial Photography, LLC; has been in business since 2003. (DBA): DAP Imaging.Services: We provide High Resolution Oblique & Vertical Aerial
Photography,Digital Enhancements, Mapping and mosaic services, Ground Photography and Video.Mapping Services:We use a Spatial Scientific Flight
Management System for aerial Geo-referenced vertical mapping.Service area: Florida & Georgia.
Near Infrared Four-Band Imaging